About Us

China Health Group Limited (Code: Hk0673), based in Hong Kong, China, is a foreign-invested institution that entered the medical field of mainland China relatively early. It is a hospital investment management company comprehensively expanding the massive health industry platform through investment, merger & acquisition, hospital trusteeship, regional medical informationization, etc. With "Help China Carry Out Medical Reform, Create A Smart Public Health Service System" as its mission, the Group has entered the medical and health service market of main land China and participates in and promotes the reform and long-term development of medical and health services in China by exporting modern enterprise management modes.

Since 2015, China Health Group has successfully operated several subordinate hospitals in North China, East China, South China, etc. By implementing the Jingming management mode, the Group effectively tackles the problem of sustainable development of hospitals and promotes the medical reform at the locations of hospitals. In the future, with the continuous development of the Group and the further market-oriented exportation operation of the management mode, as a solution for medical reform in mainland China, the Jingming management mode of China Health Group is expected to be the excellent representative that can be copied and promoted and realize chain development among the numerous hospital management modes in China.

China Health Group pursues fruitful hospital management modes as well as construction of advanced medical informatization, rich expert resources, and perfect study and fostering system. By relying on the Company's capital strength and industrial integration ability, the Group aims at creating a massive health industry platform "with hospital groups as the core, characterized by whole-of-the-life-cycle health services and management" and exploiting the industrial pattern integrating hospital trusteeship operation, digital smart healthcare, old-age care and rehabilitation industry, supply chain services, physician alliance platform, teach-foster-study platform, and investment and financing platform to realize a smart public health service system.

Subsidiaries and Subordinate Hospitals and Institutions of the Group

Subsidiaries Established by China Health Group

China Health Group Health Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., China Health

Group International Fina nee Lease (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., Beijing China

Health Group Kangrong Hospital Management Co., Ltd., China Health

Group Ganfu Equity Investment Management (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., etc.

Subordinate Hospitals of China Health Group

Shuangluan District People7 s Hospital, Anping Charity Hospital, Luanping

County Red Cross Hospital, Dingnan County Hospital of Traditional Chinese

Main Businesses of the Group

Hospital Management

To respond to the reform and development of the medical treatment cause in mainland China, China Health Group continues to expand and man ages national second-class or above hospitals with asset-light plus management in the form of free will cooperation, trusteeship, joint stock, merger, etc.

Investment and Financing

Relying on the capital market in Hong Kong, based on Shenzhen, and radiating across the country. Through the subsidiaries, such as China Health Group Health Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., China Health Group Ganfu Equity Investment Management (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Industrial Merger & Acquisition Fund, etc. or cooperative institutions, the various medical institutions with investment potential in mainland China are merged and acquired or cooperative management is carried out, etc.

Supply Chain and Financial Services

1. Integrating channels of medical consumables and drugs and improving the efficiency of group operation through centralized purchasing;

2. Through the finance lease mode, promoting the technology upgrading of medical devices and the construction upgrading of hospital environment.

Smart Health

From single hospital informatization and cross-regional connectivity to cloud big data, providing the health services of whole-of-the-life-cycle record for the public.

Superintendent College

As a knowledge-intensive organization of China Health Group, it is not only a training and R&D base, but also an enterprise management promotion and external exchange center.

Jingming Mode of the Group

It is an advanced hospital management mode created by Superintendent Wang Jingming and his management team through nearly 20 years of practical exploration. Through study and analysis of several advanced hospital management modes, by combining concrete practice, a whole set of solutions has been formed, which is fit for public, private, military, local and enterprise's hospitals. The core feature of the Jingming mode lies in being completely in conformity with the industry 4.0 standard.

In other word, this is the specific application of the industry 4.0 standard in hospital management. The three characteristics of the industry 4.0 standard, i.e. integration of digital and refined management, integration of Internet and Internet of things, and information exchange and sharing, are successfully applied in the smart public health service system of the Jingming mode.

The Jingming mode was formally put forward and effectively practiced in No. 251 Hospital of PLA. Later, Chang An Hospital and The 334 Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University successively introduced and implemented the mode in full extent. Under different internal and external conditions, they experienced the "big splash" . The mode has brought prominent success in hospital subject construction, talent construction, brand construction, economic benefit, and social benefit, and the hospitals have entered the virtuous sustainable development track.

With the comprehensive deepening of health care reform as well as the continuous and rapid improvement of information, transportation, logistics management and scientific and technological level in China, the group-based fast copying and expansion of excellent hospital management modes are imperative. Since China Health Group introduced the Jingming management mode, its high replicability has made it surpass the scope of single hospital management, play a bigger role in hospital groups, and significantly improve the management efficiency, social benefit and economic benefit of people, funds, materials, information, etc. in hospital groups. At the same time, the mode has played a unique driving role in realizing the "dream of medical reform" of China.